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House Mouse Diseases

The Common House Mouse and the Diseases it Carries

House and Trap

There are some diseases that have been linked directly to rodents. A virus that the common house mouse carries is the Hanta Virus. This virus can be fatal, and is only transmittable through breathing in the air where rodent urine, feces, or dead bodies can be found. If a person is infected with the Hanta Virus they will not necessarily notice symptoms right away. Once the symptoms become noticeable they will be similar to the flu and last for up to five days, then a person will suffer from breathing difficulties. Often a person is so ill at this time they are taken to a hospital for treatment, if not treated soon enough the outcome can be deadly, as the survival rate without proper treatment is low. This one virus from small little mice can cause a huge danger to any home.

It is a serious matter and as soon as you notice common house mice in your home a professional pest control agent should be called. Having your house treated by a professional exterminator will help prevent any diseases from spreading as soon as possible. If you cannot afford to call an exterminator there are at-home methods to get rid of mice, but that adds the risk of being exposed to the feces and diseases and the risk of not cleaning it up entirely or missing areas. In any case, the best choice is to have a professional pest control company handle the problem. If you detect the common house mouse within your home you can confirm it by the particular smell the common house mouse leaves behind. It is a musky smell from the common house mouse's feces. Wearing a mask is a precaution if you do find droppings, and see a doctor to ensure your health has not been affected.

The Hanta Virus isn't the only disease the common house mouse spreads. The common house mouse carries many other diseases as well, such as:

  • Murine typhus:
    It is treatable with antibiotics and the symptoms resemble those of the measles or rubella. Best to go see a doctor at the first sight of the marks on your skin that look like the measles or rubella.
  • Rickettsialpox:
    It is not deadly and occurs when bitten by a mouse, the bite mark will swell and a rash will break out, other symptoms are similar to the flu. See your doctor once you realized you have been bitten.
  • Tularemia:
    Occurs when bitten by a mouse, a physical symptom is that an ulcerated skin lesion will form. Other symptoms are chills, headache fatigue it is treatable with antibiotics. See you doctor once you realize you have been bitten by a mouse.
  • Bubonic plague:
    Symptoms are red marks on the skin that turn black, heavy breathing, aching, and vomiting blood. As soon as any of these symptoms become apparent go to your doctor. Bubonic plague is a skin infection that can be treated with antibiotics, so it is imperative to get to a doctor right away.

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