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Home Animal Exclusion Service

Animal Exclusion Service

Avoid snake and rodent infestation problems and pest re-entry in your house. After the pest elimination is accomplished, identifying and properly sealing all potential entry areas is vital. Our Pest Control technicians are highly trained. They understand the damage pests can cause in your home and will make sure that your property is properly sealed and sterilized to avoid re-entry for good.

Sterilization and disinfestations is a critical step in our treatment as rodents and pests in general carries many types of diseases that can and will affect humans.

  • Some Physical Signs of Infestation Include:
  • Runways - paths will form between feeding and harborage areas, rodents memorize their territory through kinesthetic memory and will travel the same route over and over.
  • Droppings - droppings and urine are left wherever rodents travel or rest. A rat averages 30 to 180 droppings per day.
  • Odor - a distinctive, musky odor may be present.
  • Gnaw Marks - scratch like marks, rats are able to gnaw through wood, lead, copper, cinder block and uncured concrete.
  • Rub Marks - rodents leave rub marks from their body oil along runways.
  • Upset Pets - household pets may become agitated when they hear rodents gnawing, digging and running around the home.

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